Tuesday, May 23, 2017


contrasts of light

the sun creeps around the roof
poking at the yard
the darkness reaches over the fence
and hides behind the trees

the fence displays the contrasts
of the sun and the darkness
a shadow deepens the yard
by expelling some of the light

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sophie's Interests/Hobbies

a sprinter's friday

numbers stuck on my shorts
spikes screwed under my shoes
strong shoelaces restrain my feet
my hair is fastened tight to my head

intimidated by opponents
nervous for the race
pacing and preparing
stretching too much

blocks set to my marks
bend down into position
look left and right to
take one last look at my opponents

the wind works against me
but the drive helps me push
sprint with everything I have
trying to pass the girls at my side

sprint through the finish line
slow to a jog
congratulate my opponents
and prepare for my next race

Planning: Who Am I

I love to travel. Traveling, although I don't travel often, is a huge part of my life. When I'm not traveling, I'm looking forward to my next trip. I also love to go to summer camps. Last year, I went to three summer camps. I dream to live in Germany someday and work in the U.S. Embassy. I love to be with my friends. I also love playing sports. I play soccer and run track. Lastly, I love to go on adventures like hiking and climbing on rock walls.
My theme will be the things I love to do. I will talk about my love for travel, sports, and being with friends. I will show videos from my trips and images. I will take photos and videos of me doing track. I will also put in images and videos of me and my friends. I will go over the things I love most in life, and have a small section for each. At the end, I will have a tiny section for my future dreams of living in Germany and working for the U.S. Embassy.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton


Cindy Sherman is a well-known photographer who was born in 1954. She often depicts odd and conceptual portraits. She is the subject of most of her images, although she does not depict them in a way that it is a self portrait. She depicts a wide range of emotions and personalities in her images, all reflecting an issue like equality of the sexes. She portrays her creative (and sometimes extreme/odd) sense of perspective in all of her images. In this image, Cindy Sherman captures a woman in a city. She portrays her emotion very well in this image. The woman seems to be looking somewhere far away, longing for something. She also has an expression like she is turning the other cheek. She seems to be letting go of something. The photograph is unique and exquisite in how her scarf is placed and how her head is tilted. The black and white filter makes the woman's scarf pop out, encompassing her head with it's unique expression. The angle of the photo also adds a unique perspective, looking up at the woman.

OCTOBER 2015: LESVOS, GREECE. Brandon stanton

Brandon Stanton is an author, photographer, and a blogger. He is extremely famous for his "Humans of New York" series. He left his low-paying job to photograph in New York with very little money. His unique perspective captures both harsh realities and empowering images. His perspective is from the eyes of a New Yorker, and who they would see during the day. He portrays his sense of realism in his images, capturing portraits often in the way that the subject wants to be portrayed. In this image, Brandon Stanton took an image of refugees from Greece. In his "Humans of New York" series, he did a mini-series on refugees. He reveals the close bond between the father and his two sons. Their position helps show their togetherness as they face a lot together. They all look very strong, while they have traveled a very long way. You can see that although they aren't at their true home, there is a home wherever they all are together. All of his photos are unique in setup of the subjects, but they are all portraits of subjects. Some are posed, and some are candids.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017


The levitation photography examples were extremely helpful. They provided a wide range of styles and ideas, all showing a good path to take. I got some ideas from the sources like the position of my subjects. The resources helped me see the wide range of ways I could take this project, and explained to me that there is an abundance of ways to do levitation. There were a few sources given to us in the intro to levitation photography section of this project, and those were extremely helpful. Seeing both student and professional work was helpful in examining the craftsmanship put into the levitation photos. Also, the sources provided me with a lot of good ideas of how to take the images with stools etc.
What went well in my images was cutting the edges. I spent a lot of time meticulously cutting the edges to make them realistic. I then lightly blurred most edges to make the subject blend with the image. I didn't want to make the subject look cut and pasted onto the image. I think my strength in this project was placement of the subjects. I looked at the photos I had of my subjects, and searched and searched through my images to find the perfect fit. Three of the background images I took, and the one in a field/hills my friend took while I was with her.
A challenge in this project was making my subjects blend onto the image. I spend a lot of time altering the lighting of the subject and the background. I chose a light source, and portrayed it on the photograph in the appropriate areas. I chose on each image whether or not a shadow was necessary/relevant. I also altered the color of my subjects clothing to better match the background. I blurred the edges to diminish the fine lines that made the subjects pop out of the background. I spent a lot of time trying not to make my subjects look flat. I had to add contours to the subjects head and bodies to create a three dimensional perspective.

Selfies: to be or not to be

I think that there isn't one sole purpose of taking a selfie; there are many purposes. One purpose would be, like within Snapchat, to send an image as a thoughtless reply to somebody else's image. When quickly taking an image like that, usually the purpose is just to reply. Sometimes, the purpose is to have a background to place text upon in a Snapchat image. There is another kind of selfie: the purposeful and thoughtful selfie. Selfies taking for the purpose of expression and sharing oneself with others are another realm of selfie making. Some people take a carefully constructed selfie to post on social media to celebrate their beauty, or to express a kind of emotion. Some people take selfies to reflect on themselves, or to share with others to think about them.
There is an endless amount of reasons people take selfies, which often influence the selfie outcome and execution. Since the "perfect selfie" is up to the photographer to decide themselves, it is hard to judge a selfie on it's quality. The real quality of the selfie only the photographer knows, because they are aware of their reasoning and thought process to make the selfie. I think that all selfies are "art", but only certain selfies are true art. Yes, I do believe that everything constructed by a person can be art, but true art is something constructed with a purpose and with an attempt to be creative or meaningful. Taking a careless selfie to quickly send to one person in a response to their Snapchat would not be true art. Constructing a selfie with careful thinking about maybe lighting, perspective, cropping, expression, etc. is a form of true art. Although an argument can be made that all selfies are art, it is mostly up to the photographer themself. The amount of thought and conscious perspective influences the piece of art, making it a true art form.